That's Awesome BBQ cleaner is totally natural - nontoxic and biodegradable and has the consistency of water. There are no detergents or harmful chemical fumes. That's Awesome BBQ Cleaner will not corrode or damage surfaces, or taint food.

All BBQ surfaces can be sprayed and wiped with a clean dry absorbent cloth (toweling) to remove grease and grime.  After the removal of food scraps, the BBQ plate can be sprayed, lightly scrubbed with a green scourer, and wiped clean with a dry absorbent cloth, no need for rinsing.  For burnt on hydrocarbons and rust, we recommend using a sanding block or heavy duty scourer in conjunction with That's Awesome BBQ Cleaner.  (see kits and accessories).

  • Food Grade, No Nasty chemicals
  • BBQs can be used immediately
  • Comes in handy 750ml size, 5 litre or 750ml kit complete with handy heavy duty scrub
  • Safe to use on outdoor furniture, tables

Ideal for BBQ hot plates and all outdoor stainless steel, plastics, timber etc.