Carpet Cleaning Solution

That’s Awesome Carpet Dry Cleaning System uses sponge-like particles that are brushed through the carpet fibres with a purpose built brush machine. The carpet is presprayed with a light mist of enzyme powered, grime dissolving solution before the sponge-like compound is brushed through the fibres. Just as a hand sponge absorbs grime from wiping down a dirty surface, these tiny particles absorb dissolved dirt and grime from the carpet on a mass and micro basis. Once the carpet has been thoroughly groomed, the particles are vacuumed away carrying the grime with them. Any particles missed in the vacuuming process will remain inert and continue to absorb dirt tracked in, only to be vacuumed out with the next routine vacuum. All vacuumed waste, being organic, decomposes quickly taking with it the dirt and grime. With That’s Awesome Carpet Cleaning you can expect the following • No tide marks • No sticky residue • Carpets left ready for immediate use • Cannot shrink or warp seams • Will not fade • No caustic chemicals used • Safe for all carpet types • No wet mess