Leather is durable but not indestructible. Everyday wear and tear such as perspiration, age, sunlight and environmental conditions cause leather to lose its lustre. Just as our own skin requires care, so does leather. Cleaning products are for the purpose of cleaning and conditioning products are for the purpose of nourishing and protecting leather. Some leather treatments combine the cleaning and conditioning into one application - the effectiveness of this is greatly reduced because formulations are designed for specific job requirements. Cleaners cut through grime. Conditioners nourish and protect leather to repel against grime. That's Awesome Leather Cleaner is 100% natural. Suitable for smooth finished leather, vinyl and timber products of any colour.  That's Awesome Leather Conditioner has been formulated with bees wax. It leaves a smooth dry protective finish that does not rub off or become tacky. Ideal as a protectant for new or freshly cleaned leather goods. That's Awesome Leather Care products are suitable for furniture, automotive, saddlery & personal items such as footwear and handbags.