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Clean Your Pool Tiles While Taking A Dip

Unfortunately, cleaning your pool tiles is one of those dirty, yet necessary jobs that come with pool ownership; stained tiles can put you off diving into an...
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How to Clean Your Industrial Kitchen Effectively

Traditional approach and advice Whether you run a restaurant, resort or corporate kitchen, maintaining a clean work environment is vital. According to the Ce...
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The Best Way to Treat Protein Stains Quickly

What are protein stains? In the world of cleaning, different types of stains require different procedures. Clothing stains usually fall under three main cat...
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Effective and Non-Toxic Ways to Clean Mould

There are approximately 100,000 species of mould, and they exist everywhere except the regions of the Arctic and Antarctic. They are also not found in artif...
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Speed-Wash: An Easy and Water-Free Car Cleaning Solution

If you’ve yet to use a water-free cleaning solution for your car, it’s not too late to start. With water-free car cleaning, you’re picking the most efficient...
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How to Clean Your Resort the Right Way

When researching the perfect getaway for business or leisure, a well kept, and clean resort, is often the deciding factor. Maintained and pristine resorts no...
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Things to Remember When Performing an Onboard Aircraft Overnight Cleaning

Keeping an aircraft clean is no easy task. With thousands of flights taking off everyday day, these cleaning crews need to work quickly and routinely to ensu...
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How to Choose the Right Carpet for Your Home or Office

Whether you’re replacing some worn-out carpet you’ve had for too long or carpeting a new room for the first time, it’s worth looking into the available optio...
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Leather Cleaning And Care - Tips

Leather goods require regular care and maintenance if you want a clean, polished look that’s free from natural wear and tear, scratches or blemishes.  K...
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