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The Best Way to Treat Protein Stains Quickly

What are protein stains?

In the world of cleaning, different types of stains require different procedures. Clothing stains usually fall under three main categories:

  1. Water-based
  2. Oil-based
  3. Protein-based

Secretions or animal-based products generally cause protein stains. They can be some of the most troublesome stains to remove. However, with the right product and careful technique, you can treat protein stains effectively.

What makes protein stains different to a regular stain is they can coagulate and set into carpet fibres, even at relatively low temperatures. That’s why it is essential never to use warm or hot water. Hot water aggravates the protein stain by changing the complex structure of the molecule and setting it into the porous surface, making it very difficult to remove – if not impossible.

Some examples of protein stains are listed below:

  • Eggs
  • Dairy
  • Baby Food
  • Blood
  • Vomit
  • Urine
  • Faeces
  • Grass
  • Mud
  • Animal-based products

Incontinence staining and odours

Whether cleaning up after a pet, child, or incontinent adult, the task is always going to be unpleasant. Knowing it is possible to get rid of the stain and odour makes it a little more bearable, at least.

Any urine, from either an animal or human, contains uric acid crystals – this is what makes it so difficult to remove and what gives it such an awful stench. Urine is not water-soluble, and the only permanent way to remove it is with an enzyme-based cleaner like That’s Awesome Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner. It works by breaking down the uric acid crystals into carbon dioxide and ammonia, which are both easily evaporated.

Enzymes are the only way to completely break down and destroy uric acid, removing the stain and neutralising odour.

Treating protein stains

Traditional soaps and carpet cleaning systems only exacerbate the problem of protein stains. When hot water and detergent are introduced into the carpet, it will dissolve the soiling without difficulty.

However, in doing so, it forces the soiling into the inaccessible backing of the carpet or upholstery. The unrecovered bits remain locked into the fibre, while only the cleaning solution evaporates. This leaves the sticky contaminant to create staining and odour.

The steps required to remove a protein stain are:

  • Soak up any residue and remove anything stuck on the carpet surface, do not use water (especially warm or hot)
  • Spray the affected area with That’s Awesome Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner or Stain Remover (for urine you must use the enzyme-based Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner)
  • Use a soft but firm bristle broom or brush (depending on the size of the stain)
  • Gently brush in an overlapping forward and backward motion until the stain begins to lift, and then rub off the residue with a towelling material. Repeat this step until the stain is gone

If treated properly, the persistent stains will not return and the odour will no longer be present.

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