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Enzyme Cleaning

What are enzymes anyway?

Enzymes are powerful and complex protein molecules present in every living cell.  Better known as Nature’s Own Housekeepers, these little powerhouses are essential for life.  They are found in all living organisms and work as highly selective catalysts to biochemical reactions in cells.  This means that with only very small quantities, enzymes work at extremely high speeds to create a very big reaction.  They bring about chemical change (organic or inorganic) and yet they themselves remain completely unaffected.  Once they’ve done their job they are released unchanged and can be used again for another reaction.

All matter must eventually decompose into its simplest form; and with the aid of enzymes, decomposing is accelerated and biochemical reactions are sped up by 100’s to millions of times.  As mentioned above, enzymes are highly selective in their work.  They only deal with dead organic and hydrocarbon waste, therefore no living matter will be compromised.  The smart power of enzymes presents us with the ultimate tool for cleaning up behind us in a safe and most environmental way.

Enzyme Technology and Development

The first enzymes were discovered in 1833 and microbial enzyme technology can be traced back to as early as 1896.  However, recognition of enzymes being used as industrial catalysts only started to slowly emerge after the 1930s.

Research soon revealed the specific nature of enzymes and that they will only react to what they are supposed to.  Different enzymes will digest different foods (ie soil matter) and therefore can be selected in the development of cleaning products to achieve a specific purpose.  Enzymes are used not only for cleaning products but are recognized for their widespread uses in other industries including; food and beverage, agriculture, medicine, and energy.  In 2018, the global enzyme industry was estimated to be worth over 8 billion USD and is expected to grow to over 19 billion USD by 2025.  This rapid growth is accredited to ongoing discoveries for the seemingly endless uses of the non-toxic and incredibly powerful enzyme. 

Benefits of Enzymes over Traditional Chemicals

Though once perceived as fragile and limited by environment, today enzymes present as robust catalysts.  In regards to sustainability and efficiency, the advantages over traditional chemical processes are numerous.  They are much safer for the environment and human health and do not pose the insurmountable risks and adverse reactions attributed to contaminants and chemicals.  They are favourable to the user and the near-neutral PH of enzymes helps ensure the cleaning product does not present a risk of corrosion to the surfaces being cleaned.  Enzymes also have the power to eliminate odour by converting smelling sulphides into odourless and water-soluble sulphates.  The magic of cleaning with enzymes is that it continues working hours or even days after the initial application.  This unique role in enzyme cleaning helps deliver results far superior to traditional cleaners.

That’s Awesome Enzyme Cleaning

That’s Awesome Pty Ltd has harnessed the powerful combination of selective enzyme technology to produce a full range of easy to use products that satisfy your wide array of cleaning requirements.  The exceptional results achieved by using That’s Awesome Products means you need no more rely on caustic acids and harsh chemicals to get the job done. The effectiveness of That’s Awesome enzyme cleaning means you get superior results without exposing yourself or the environment to toxicity and damage.

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