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Easy Window and Glass Cleaning – Streak Free

Cleaning the glass surfaces of your windows, car or television can be repetitive and tedious. The task reaches new levels of annoyance, however, when all that careful spraying and wiping results in a heap of streaks. To add insult to injury, the streaks will often reveal themselves, later on, a phenomenon that almost always occurs, letting the glass have the last laugh.

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be that way! If you have the right stuff, you can make your glass streak-free and crystal clear in no time.

In this article, we reveal to you some of the common dilemmas presented when cleaning your glass and show you the best option to ensure you have your glass surfaces sparkling with little effort or expense.

Keep on reading to find out more.

What to avoid using on glass?

Glass is built to resist some acids and chemicals; however, it can't resist them all and acids such as hydrofluoric acid will etch and damage the glass structure, let alone anything else in its path. Alkaline will also stain and damage the surface of the glass and must be removed ASAP. So, avoid all acid and alkaline products to minimise the risk of any damage occurring.


Another product important to avoid using is vinegar. It is slightly acidic at a pH of about five and if not immediately rinsed off, can leave a residue which can then damage the glass. Vinegar also has an overpowering smell and becomes almost unbearable to breathe after cleaning for even a short amount of time. It gets absorbed into the surrounding rubber and timber and almost anything it touches, so overspraying is a problem.

Unfiltered water

Using water is another common mistake people make when cleaning their glass. The water flowing from your tap has many different dissolved minerals and impurities. Generally, this isn't a big deal if you are cleaning flooring or countertops, but since glass shows every imperfection, this can have a significant impact on how your glass surfaces look after the cleaning and almost always results in an unsightly, streaky mess.

Paper towels

Banish paper towels! When used on glass, paper towels not only leave behind streaks but linty ones at that. To avoid this, go for a cleaner option like a microfiber cloth to get the job done.

What role does sunlight play?

As much as possible, you need to avoid cleaning your glass in direct sunlight as the rays and heat will dry out any cleaning solution. Product heated and dried on glass can be challenging to remove and if left can continually cause damage to the glass and cause dirt and grime to stick. So, it is best to practice your glass cleaning in the shade or on a cloudy day.

Which cleaning product to use?

The best way to clean glass and obtain a streak-free finish is to use a non-corrosive, non-toxic cleaner like Speed Wash Cleaner.

Our water-less car and glass cleaners are a convenient way to clean your windows safely. With only a faint citrus scent, you can easily clean soap scum, mould and grime from the glass without any fumes or suds. That's Awesome Speed Wash is an exclusive enzyme formula which does not contain any harsh chemicals, silicone, abrasive polish, wax or detergent.

You need not worry about overspray; the enzymes immediately start to dissolve & emulsify the dirt, which is then contained in the solution, ready to be wiped away. This product works particularly well on television and computer screens, all windows and glass and both the interior and exterior of your car.

When it comes to glass cleaning, premium products such as the Tile & Grout Kit and Speed Wash Cleaner from That's Awesome come highly recommended.

The step-by-step guide to cleaning glasses


Glass & mirrors – for a streak-free finish

Step 1. Spray That's Awesome Speed-Wash directly onto the small surface area (do not use in direct sunlight).

Step 2. Using a soft, dry microfibre cloth, wipe in a circular motion to remove grime, turning cloth as you go (do not rub hard).

Step 3. With a clean section of a microfibre cloth, buff residue to a streak-free shine (may be useful to use a separate cloth). Repeat if necessary.

Why choose That’s Awesome?

With That's Awesome Speed-Wash you can easily achieve streak-free windows and mirrors on your car and around your home.

No more time-consuming hours spraying, wiping or washing and using a messy squeegee only to be left exhausted and disappointed with your still stained and dirty windows. By using the right equipment, products and methods, you will be left with sparkling streak-free windows that repel dirt and water for a longer time.

What matters most is that you clean and protect the environment too. That's Awesome products are made by us, for you, to work towards a greener tomorrow. Get the ultimate clean whilst also knowing you and your family are safe from harsh chemicals and toxins, and you are doing your bit for the planet!

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