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Speed-Wash: An Easy and Water-Free Car Cleaning Solution

If you’ve yet to use a water-free cleaning solution for your car, it’s not too late to start. With water-free car cleaning, you’re picking the most efficient and eco-friendly option. By using the Speed-Wash no-rinsing car cleaning spray, you can clean your entire vehicle in and out. Just spray and wipe! No other products needed so you can save on costs while maintaining your car.

Cleaning your car never been easier and not only is Speed-Wash a no-water cleaning solution but is made with no harmful chemicals and is 100% natural.

So, what're the problems when it comes to a more traditional car washing process?

Keeping your car neat and clean is an essential job for the longevity of your vehicle as well as your own comfort. Traditionally manual car cleaning uses water to rinse the car, as well as dilute the chemical cleaner or create soap. While you can try to save on water by washing your car on the front lawn, most of the time you’re splashing mud back on wheels. While it may seem like a simple and quick solution to simply hose your vehicle down this process can often do more harm than good when it comes to the overall quality of your wash.

Below we’ve covered a few more of the major drawbacks that come with the traditional car cleaning process as well as it’s products.

Health hazards that come with car washing chemicals

Conventional car cleaners can often contain hydrofluoric acid (HF) use to remove rust and leave cars with a sparkling finish. However, when not diluted, correcting HF acid can be damaging for both drivers and the car itself.

Water Wastage

While we are wary of the chemicals used on our everyday vehicles, the traditional car cleaning process also wastes a huge amount of water every wash. An automatic wash will use to equivalent of a five-minute shower. While using a hose and a sponge are long since gone since the water restrictions of Australia past. By switching to a no-rinse option, you’ll save not only on water but on the money spent on auto washers.

Scratches and marks

When it comes to cleaning your car, the last thing you want is damage or mark your vehicle. Using the traditional car cleaning method and products, you can’t guarantee that you always get a clean, sparkling finish. 

Sponges can often drag dirt and grime across the car rather than removing it completely. This tool also leaves streaks and stains on your windscreens and windows.

That’s Awesome Speed-Wash formula: a water-free, eco-friendly car cleaning alternative

With the focus placed on world sustainability, this no-rinse, eco-friendly car cleaning option has been better.  

That’s Awesome Speed-Wash Cleaner has been ahead of the trend, formulated over a decade ago. The Speed-Wash cleaner is completely chemical, silicone and wax free, instead of relying on the use of all-natural enzymes to remove dirt and rust, leaving your car as spotless as the day you brought it. All without any streaks or accidental marks!

So if you’re looking for a more cost effect and easy way to clean your car why wait, opt for That’s Awesome’s Speed-Wash car cleaning products.  

Still not convinced? Below are five benefits:

Keeps your car surfaces 100% unharmed

That’s Awesome Speed-Wash cleaning formula allows you to clean the interior and the exterior of your car without a drop of water. Safe to use on rubbers, windows, vinyl, plastics, the dashboard and wheels there’s no need to change our products and tools. All you need to clean your ride from top to wheel are your no rinsing Speed-Wash car cleaning products.

Our exclusive cleaning agent has a unique blend of enzymes and lubricants that leave no scratches or mark. Simply spray the area, and the enzymes will work to dissolve the dirt, rust and stains do it can easily be wiped away.

Assures long-lasting shine with perfect finish and protection

That’s Awesome Speed-Wash cleaning products don’t just remove dirt, but also leave a perfect finish for the exterior of your car. For up to two months, you won’t need to worry about dirt, grime, salts, and pests as Speed-Wash leaves you with a durable finish and sensational sparkle.

Our chemical-free no rinsing formula with high lubricity guarantees a 100% clean finish that will work to protect your cars paint job.

Saves time

While traditional car cleaning products can block out the whole afternoon,  That’s Awesome Speed-Wash formula, on the other hand, only takes 30 minutes to finish the job. With its simple spray and wipe practice, you’ll be done in no time. All without switching a product or turning on a hose!

Saves tons of water per vehicle

Cleaning and maintaining a car's finish can be extremely wasteful due to its extensive amount of water used to produce soap and rinse vehicles. By switching to That’s Awesome Speed-Wash Cleaner and kits, you can permanently eliminate the need to mix suds and rinse over your vehicle. Meaning you can save on the water bill as well as any paid cleaning services.

Protects the environment

Using the right water-free car cleaning products and tools can save more than just water, as many traditional automobile cleaning products contain hazardous chemicals. When not properly disposed of these cleaning extracts can mix and contaminate other bodies of water through drainage systems.

By using That's Awesome Speed-Wash you won't have to worry about harming the environment or yourself with chemicals as the enzymes used are 100% natural and free of other harmful elements. So not only while you save on water but grow your ecological footprint.

Other necessary products for water-free cleaning

Now that we’ve described how the Speed-Wash car cleaning agent works, here are the other cloths and products that can be used for a flawless clean every time.

That’s Awesome Speed-Wash cleaning products, and tools can be used to clean the interior and exterior of any motor vehicle, guaranteeing a for a safer, greener clean every time - No water, no hassle, no worries!

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