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That's Awesome BBQ & Oven Cleaner 750ml for Commercial Use

BBQ & Oven Cleaner

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Our BBQ Cleaner safely cleans your barbeque and barbeque areas without harmful chemicals. Comes in 750ml 5litre and 20 litre bottles. Resorts purchase 750ml trigger spray bottles for their customers to use after they have used the BBQs because it is so safe for them and there family’s to use also safe all surfaces including cooking utensils.  Used in resorts and hotels throughout Australia.
750 ml 20 litre 5 litre
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BBQ & Oven Cleaner

That's Awesome BBQ Cleaner is totally natural – nontoxic, biodegradable and has the consistency of water. There are no detergents or harmful chemical fumes.

That's Awesome BBQ Cleaner will not corrode or damage surfaces, and is FOOD SAFE!

After the removal of food scraps, the BBQ plate can be sprayed, lightly scrubbed with a scourer, and wiped clean with a dry absorbent cloth, no need for rinsing. All BBQ surfaces can be sprayed and wiped with a clean dry absorbent cloth (toweling) to remove grease and grime. For burnt on hydrocarbons and rust, we recommend using a sanding block or heavy duty scourer in conjunction with That's Awesome BBQ Cleaner. (see kits and accessories).

  • Food grade - no nasty chemicals
  • BBQs can be used immediately!
  • There are no interruptions for you and your valued customers

Available in sizes 750ml, 5 litre or 750ml Kit; complete with handy heavy duty scrub, BBQ cleaning block, BBQ scraper and gum tool, and black microfiber waffle cloth