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Bug & Tar Remover from That's Awesome

Bug and Tar Remover

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135ml Bug & Tar Cleaner is ideal for removing those more stubborn marks and stuck-on grime.  It easily removes bugs, tar, bat droppings and more from your vehicle, caravan and boat.  
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Bug & Tar Remover

That’s Awesome Bug & Tar effectively tackles and removes exactly what the name states!  This natural yet powerful little cleaner breaks down bugs by neutralizing the organic acids in less than 60 seconds (works faster on regular road grime), allowing you to wipe your car clean without damaging the surface.  Our Bug and Tar is the ULTIMATE GRIME CLEANER and is formulated for use on both the interior and exterior of your vehicle.  It can be safely used on paint, plastics, vinyls, glass and upholstery.  This biodegradable, enzymatic formula does not contain any harsh chemicals or non-toxic ingredients.  Another eco-friendly, effective cleaner!