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That's Awesome Gum N Goo Remover for Commercial Use

Gum N Goo Remover

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250g That’s Awesome Gum ‘N’ Goo Remover easily removes chewing gum, glue deposits, Blu-Tak and alike and is safe for all surfaces.
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Gum N Goo Remover

As the name states, this awesome product removes all types of fresh and old chewing gum and other sticky deposits. Formulated with all natural ingredients, Gum ‘N’ Goo Remover is also useful for removing hardened stains from carpet and upholstery – such as dried out coffee/tea spills, blood, etc.   Follow with a cloth dampened by That’s Awesome Stain Remover. Perfect for use in highly trafficked areas such as hotel lobbies and resort corridors. (Used and approved for use on board a Major Airline Company)