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Gum & Goo Remover from That's Awesome

Gum N Goo Remover

Product Details:
250g That’s Awesome Gum ‘N’ Goo Remover easily removes chewing gum, glue deposits, Blu-Tak and alike and is safe for all surfaces.
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Gum N Goo Remover

As the name states, this awesome product removes all types of fresh and old chewing gum and other sticky deposits. Formulated with all-natural ingredients, Gum ‘N’ Goo Remover is also useful for removing hardened stains from carpet and upholstery – such as dried out coffee/tea spills, blood, etc.  

Follow with a cloth dampened by That’s Awesome Stain Remover. Perfect for use in homes such as lobbies and corridors. (Used and approved for use on board a Major Airline Company)