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Leather Cleaner

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500ml Trigger Spray Leather Cleaner easily dissolves and lifts grime from leather goods and furniture, including auto/marine leather interiors.
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Leather Cleaner

Leather is durable but not indestructible.  Every day wear and tear such as: perspiration, age, sunlight and environmental conditions, cause leather to lose its lustre. Just as our own skin requires care, so does leather. Leather needs to be NOURISHED AND PROTECTED; so when some leather treatments try to combine the cleaning and conditioning in one application - the effectiveness of both is greatly reduced.   Cleaning is to cut through the grime and conditioning is to nourish and then protect against grime.  That’s Awesome Leather Care system has two 100% natural formulations designed for the two different and specific job requirements.  Our non-toxic Leather Cleaner is gentle on your furniture and leather goods but tough on dirt and grime, giving you a drastic clean without any damage.  Your next step is That’s Awesome Leather Conditioner which has been formulated with bees wax to leave a smooth and dry protective finish that does not rub off or become tacky.  It helps your leather LAST LONGER and LOOK BETTER and naturally repels water and resists stains.  Our Leather Conditioner is ideal as a protectant for new of freshly cleaned leather goods.  That’s Awesome Leather Care products are suitable for all smooth finished leather, vinyl and timber products of any colour.  They can be used to clean and protect furniture, automotive, saddlery & personal items such as footwear and handbags. Can be used immediately after cleaning!