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Medusa Battery Powered Sweeper from That's Awesome

Medusa Battery Powered Sweeper

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2 litre
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Medusa Battery Powered Sweeper

Ideal for Cinemas, resorts, clubs and pubs this is German engineering at its best simple yet very affective with 45 mins runtime per battery and  storage on board for a second battery gives up to 90 minutes runtime with a quick 70 mins re-charge.  There is nothing this sweeper can’t picks up from popcorn to glass even metal objects this sweeper will easily adapt to any surface indoor or outdoor from hard floor to carpet. Very quiet operation enabling it to be used in public areas with very little disturbance

Features Lightweight 2.8kg, Side Brushes for edge cleaning, removable battery, Telescopic Handle and Rod, comes with easy to empty dust tray and removable battery