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Microfibre Shower Eraser from That's Awesome

Microfibre Shower Eraser

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15 x 8 x 4.8cm (shower suction hook included)
Removes soap shower scum from those frosted looking shower screens sponge for removing stubborn marks from any smooth non-porous surfaces. Convenient suction hooks to hold and store the shower eraser. Spray That’s Awesome Tile and grout cleaner on surfaces in the shower such as Glass, Tile, Stainless Steel or Ceramic.
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Microfibre Shower Eraser

Shower screen are subject to heavy abuse and the continuous use of soaps and shampoo’s cling to the shower screen and Tiles then turn to the Shower Eraser. Spray That’s Awesome Tile and Grout cleaner the enzymes starts to emulsify and dissolve the soap scum the micro abrasive fibres of the Shower eraser then lift the stubborn soap residue, and hard water marks. The tiny fibres move the Tile and grout cleaner down into the tiny pits of the surface to remove the grime off all hard surfaces. Suction hook holds firmly and is not affected by water or heat.

Effect less cleaning

Micro fibres technology are more hygienic and more advanced than older cotton and synthetic fabric and fibres, they do away with using harmful chemical detergents.  A science that cleans with the efficiency to be able to control dirt and grime. Water is now also  controlled to a minimal use and so the knock on effect continues less rinsing,  water saving,  cleaner cleans and even saving the economy Now with the technology of That’s Awesome product we now have a most excellent cleaner working together with other innovations

Water is the most precious commodity to us and need to save it not waste it.  Water is called the most universal solvent in the world but water isn’t enough on its own a cleaning agent are needed to help break down the dirt molecules and bacteria. Cleaning agents are called surfactants (surface acting agents).

Detergents do damage because of their chemical competition they impact our environment harshly when detergents  are applied to a dirty surface to clean  water is used in the cleaning process  and then heavy rinsing with water is used to remove the residues  

That’s Awesome enzymatic technology is a perfect combination used with Microfibre technology to give a perfect clean without leaving harmful residue environmentally friendly with minimal effect

The dirt residue is transferred to the Microfibre cloth rather than to other surfaces the now then captured partials bond to the Microfibre and are released with a good rinsing or washing ready for your next cleaning job

See enzyme cleaning (article)