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Speed Wash Car Cleaner Kit from That's Awesome

Speed Wash Car Cleaner Kit

Product Details:
Ideal for cleaning your car inside and out. SPEED-WASH leaves your car with that showroom gleam No expensive products. Clean your car without the use of buckets & hoses. Spray, wipe & dry.  No water required!

Kit Includes

- 750ml Trigger Spray SPEED-WASH (approx. 4 washes)
- 135ml Bug & Tar Cleaner
- Light blue waffle M/F polishing cloth (windows & interior cleaning)
- Charcoal Plush M/F Cloth (for all exterior cleaning)
- Black Waffle M/F Cloth (bugs & alloy wheels)
Kitx1 - 750ml
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Speed Wash Car Cleaner Kit

That's Awesome SPEED WASH is the convenient way to safely clean both the interior and exterior of motor vehicles, boats, caravans, motorbikes, trucks & even aircraft.  It is safe to use on all bodywork, rubbers, wheels, dashboards, windows, tint, plastics and vinyl.  That's Awesome SPEED-WASH is an exclusive formula using enzymes and does not contain any chemical, silicone, abrasive polish, wax or detergent. (Safely cleans & protects, will not leave residue)

Finally ONE PRODUCT THAT DOES IT ALL - inside and out without using water or causing damage to the surface. Need not worry about over spray; the enzymes immediately start to dissolve & emulsify the dirt which is then contained in solution ready to be wiped away.

We are proud to announce the endorsement of our product range by Alan Jones Iconic racing car driver and Australian World Champion in formula one racing, Alan is especially blown away by our new car care range of products.