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SAVE 25% - Spray Mop & Tile Grout Cleaner Combo

SAVE 25% - Spray Mop & Tile Grout Cleaner Combo

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SAVE 25%

Package deal: 1x 1L tile grout cleaner & 1x spray mop.

Get our awesome 1 Litre Tile & Grout Cleaner with our ergonomic Spray Mop for amazing value with our 25% off offer.  Everything you need to effortlessly clean your floor.

Get 1 litre of our tile and grout cleaner which is great for dissolving grime and mould from tiles and grout lines along with our domestic spray mop with its great ergonomic design! Get them together in this cost-effective package!
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SAVE 25% - Spray Mop & Tile Grout Cleaner Combo

Our grout cleaner contains no harsh chemicals and there's no water needed for rinsing! Dissolve grime and mould with ease on all your hard floor surfaces. This enzyme-based, water-soluble cleaning solution is powerful and effective without fumes or suds! By using this system there is no need to lug around inconvenient mops and buckets. 

You can get your floors looking professionally clean without the hassle of unnecessary equipment or toxic chemicals. That's Awesome Tile & Grout Cleaner and our ultra-light Domestic Spray Mop are the perfect pair for a convenient and effective clean. Save water, time and money with our 1Litre Tile & Grout and Spray Mop Combo! Limited stock available.