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Starlite Lightweight Backpack Vacuum

Starlite Lightweight Backpack Vacuum

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Powerful suction, lightweight with an extremely comfortable fully padded harness makes this fantastic for those needing performance without being too heavy, our customers are preferring this unit over the Nilfisk GD5
1000Watt - 5Litre
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Starlite Lightweight Backpack Vacuum

Features:  Very quiet, 5 litre dust bag, left or right handed design, gulper floor nozzle

1000 watt power - Lightweight 4.25kg - 4 stage filtration system - Noise level 66db - Airflow 43L  /sec  5 Litre dust bag - Comfort fit with ergonomically moulded back support and multi-fit belt - Wessel-Werk low profile floor tool -  Extension lead

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