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Tile & Grout Cleaner 750ml from That's Awesome

Tile and Grout Cleaner

Product Details:
Tile & Grout Cleaner is an ALL FLOOR CLEANER.  Chemical free cleaning, safe for the whole family.  Dissolves grime & mould from tiles & grout lines..  Natural and bio-degradable but powerful! No fumes or suds!  No bleach present!  Totally natural tile and grout cleaner that really works!
-  Kills mould spores
-  No harmful chemicals or fumes  - non-toxic!
-  Formulated with natural enzymes

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Tile & Grout Cleaner

That's Awesome Tile & Grout Cleaner is a water soluble, enzyme-based cleaning solution that dissolves grime and kills mould. Even after cleaning the ENZYMES CONTINUE TO WORK. There is little or no rinse action necessary after cleaning. 


Q1. Does it really work?
Yes … Works instantly without any harsh chemicals or sticky detergents residue continues working even after cleaning.

Q2. When should I clean my tile?
Tile and grout should have an initial full clean , then regular daily or weekly maintenance clean using a Microfibre dry cleaning mop & pad (concentrate on traffic areas first).

Q3. How much do I use?
A 750ml bottle of Tile and Grout cleaner will clean approx. 20 metre sq (Do not over use) spray).

Q4. Will it cause any allergic reaction to or harm me or my family?
That’s Awesome Tile and grout cleaner is completely nontoxic and bio degradable safe for you your family , pets and the environment will not cause any harm or damage to any surface it is being used on.

Q5. Is it cost effective?
Yes … because usage is minimal and works instantly without detergents it doesn’t re-soil your flooring as quickly as conventional cleaner with high alkaline or Ph balances eliminating the need for you to purchase products every time you have to clean depending on your floor size. Will do both restoration cleaning and regular maintenance cleans, all with the one product (can be used on all bathroom surfaces).

Without harmful chemicals present, this product is completely safe and non-toxic.

No need for harsh bleach or chemical cream cleaners in the shower anymore. 

That's Awesome Tile & Grout cleaner is the ideal non-toxic cleaner to use on your shower screens and bathroom surfaces. With only a faint citrus scent, you can easily clean soap scum, mould and grime from the tiles and glass without any fumes or suds. 

Simply spray, lightly scourer surface or brush grout lines with a soft bristle brush and wipe dry or rinse lightly and then dry.  For a deeper clean; feel free to spray and leave product to eat away at grime and mould before you scrub.  

That's Awesome Tile & Grout Cleaner can be used on all hard surfaces- tiles, timber floors, lino, walls. Even cleaning tiles inside swimming pools and pool render can be cleaned as it does not effect Ph balances. 

Without the need for rinsing, That's Awesome Tile & Grout Cleaner works fantastically well with the Multi Task Flat mop system (see Mops & Tools). No more need to lug around heavy buckets, simply fill the spray mop and its ready to use anytime, perfect for every day floor maintenance. 

Tile & Grout is a powerful, safe cleaner that can be used with tile cleaning machinery and replaces the need for dangerous acids.

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