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That's Awesome Tile & Grout Cleaner 750ml for Commercial Use

Tile & Grout Cleaner

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Our tile and grout cleaner is available in convenient 20Litre, 5litre or 750ml sizes.  Bulk or box orders can be purchased at a special rate. Resorts, restaurants or cleaning businesses can have the control over there cleaning stock; no need to mix concentrate, saving time and money and giving you a more efficient way to clean!

This product is available in 3 sizes:
750ml: $14.95
5L: $39.95
20L: 139.95
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Tile & Grout Cleaner

That’s Awesome Tile & Grout Cleaner is a water-soluble cleaning solution that dissolves grime and kills mould spores. The ENZYMES CONTINUE TO WORK after cleaning and there is no need to rinse.  Using our Tile & Grout Cleaner mean there is no more need for mops and buckets, saving you water and meeting your environmental standards. Down time is kept to a minimum, allowing you to concentrate on other jobs. There are no harmful chemicals present and our products are completely safe and non-toxic.

A slight citrus scent can be detected, due to the small amount of orange oil used in the manufacturing process; this leaves a fresh smell instead of toxic fumes. Easily cleans soap scum, mould and grime from grout lines, floor tiles, wall tiles, mirrors and glass. Spray, lightly scourer surface or brush grout lines with a soft bristle brush and wipe dry. Spray and leave for heavily soiled grime and mould before you scrub.
Can be used on all hard surfaces- tiles, timber floors, lino, and walls. In & around pools tiles can be cleaned and Ph balances are not affected which means it is safe for your customers and your pool.

No need for housekeepers to lug around heavy buckets, simply fill the spray mop and its ready to use anytime, perfect for every day floor maintenance and upkeep of heavily trafficked areas.

A powerful, safe cleaner that can be used with tile cleaning machines replaces the need for dangerous acids. Used in hotels, resorts, airports, kitchens and any of organic commercial cleaning need all over Australia.