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How to Clean Your Resort the Right Way

When researching the perfect getaway for business or leisure, a well kept, and clean resort, is often the deciding factor. Maintained and pristine resorts not only generate positive praise through word of mouth, positive reviews but through photos shared by owners and guests. While brands, budget and location will influence guests, having a picturesque resort with top ratings can close the sale.

Since regular maintenance is tied to financial success, resort owners are tasked with creating a strict cleaning regime for their location. By strengthening operations and ensuring efficiency, a high standard of care can be achieved when the right measures set in place.

To prepare you for the “white glove test” we’ve put together some tips to result in a squeaky clean resort, allowing for the maximum comfort of your guests. Just keep in mind that even the deepest, darkest corners of your property will be under the microscope when guests arrive so nothing should be overlooked!

Tips for cleaning your resort pool

If you own a resort, one of the biggest attractions of your business is going to be your pools. A vast majority of people are looking for to spend most of their time by the poolside some even paying extra for private facilities. In that case, there’s nothing more disappointing than a dirty, unkempt pool, so it’s imperative that you keep your pools looking sparkling and as inviting as possible.

Here are three tips to keep in mind when cleaning your pool:

Chlorine or chlorine-free sanitisers

To ensure your pool water is inviting and clean, you need to be constantly monitoring your water levels and water’s pH balance.

If you're looking to reduce your chlorine exposure, consider using a UV light or Ozone generator in your pool system to help oxidise bacteria. In comparing the two, UV lights are more adaptable but will reduce in effectiveness over time. Ozone generators, on the other hand, need prolonged contact time with the water and should be designed into the pool from the beginning.

If you’re looking to remove chlorine out of the equation altogether, there chlorine-free sanitisers available. Like any pool, however, ongoing maintenance is key as you’ll need to utilise both the sanitizer as well as algaecides to keep your pool sparkling.

Without sanitisers, pools become an algae-filled mess and an unattractive green colour as time passes. A sight that will not only deter guests but can potentially become a health hazard.

Removing debris and skimming

Sanitising your pool's water was the first step, but it isn’t enough to keep things running smoothly. With leaves, bugs and all sorts of foreign objects dropping in it’s important to skim your pool frequently to remove all debris from your guests' paths. It is recommended that you skim the pool three times a day: morning, afternoon and late evening. To further prevent just anything dropping in, you might also want to consider covering the pool when not in use.

Vacuuming the pool

Although it may sound odd, a pool vacuum is a curial step when it comes to pool care. These handy devices are lifesavers when it comes removing anything that’s dropped to the bottom of the pool as well as cleaning the bottom sides and corners of the pool. Equip with a long handle, and these tools are an excellent choice for even deepest pools.

Having a great resort pool is your key selling point, so be sure to take the time and care needed to keep it looking its best and your guests happy.

Tricks to clean your resort washroom

Whether it’s a toothpaste-crusted sink or a grimy shower, we have listed seven tricks to help tackle a dirty bathroom efficiently so that your customers feel like royalty.

The right stuff

When looking for the right cleaning product, you’re after something that’s easy on your tiles but tough on grout and grime. You’ll want to avoid bleach when possible as harsh chemicals can cause sickening fumes and make guests feel uncomfortable. Using all-natural and non-toxic cleaners are advised in guest rooms.

Give it time to kick in

Whenever you use a cleaning product, let it sit for a while before wiping away. Doing so allows the product to cut through dirt and grime entirely.

Work clockwise

Work in a clockwise or counterclockwise, (whichever you prefer) manner around the bathroom to ensure nothing is left uncleaned.

Top-down cleaning

When working on surfaces, begin by spraying at the top, and work your way down with a soft sponge. This method is done to ensure all areas are cleaned as well as eliminating any streaking or smudging on the glass or tile.

Don’t skip the toilet

While we all know it’s important to clean inside the toilet, make sure you give the same care to the outer porcelain. Detach the lid if need to sanitise and clean the harder to reach areas.

Use a toothbrush

If you see any dirty grout between tiles or small spaces, scrub it out!

Finish with the floors

Hair, dust and dirt are sure to fall as you make your way through the room, that’s why you should leave the floors till the end to get everything in one sweep! 

For more details on keeping your resort floors clean, read below.

Floor cleaning methods for your resort

Floors require regular cleaning to retain their durability and their appearances. Depending on the type of flooring, different methods and cleaning procedures need to be used, we’ve outlined a few to follow below.


The floors should be mopped daily with a damp mop. New mop heads should be soaked in water for around an hour before use. Mop head should be rotated out often so that they can be cleaned and dried and cleaned after each use. If you’re looking to save time spray mops are also available.


Scrubbing requires a rigid scrubbing brush or pad fitted to a rotary floor cleaning machine. Moving in a circular motion, the bristles work the surface scraping away the dirt and removing it. Be sure to remove any debris as it can damage the scrubber, or even create more of a mess.


After cleaning your floors, buffing involves spraying the floor with a polishing solution. Then a rotary machine should be used to polish the floor. While buffing, the bristle tips of a brush create a high-gloss finish on the floor surface.


The surface of a pad scrapes and cuts the floor surface to create a smooth wet like finish. Can be used after buffing to create a mirror-like finish.

Resort kitchen cleaning checklist and ways

Maintaining a clean and sanitised kitchen is essential to keeping guests happy and healthy. Developing a clear list of what tasks need to be done and when is key. We’ve listed a few below to get you started.

Cleaning hard surfaces and countertops

Hard surfaces and countertop breed bacteria, as they are the first contain for food. They should be cleaned regularly during the day, with spills and raw food being cleaned off straight away.

To conduct a full clean, remove all items off the surface, remove any crumbs or loose food before applying a non-toxic disinfectant spray. Make sure you spray from 8 to 12 inches away from the surface and let the area dry before placing items back on the countertop.

When removing tougher stains and spills use a soft brush and warm soapy water to scrub your countertops. If the surfaces are tiled, us special tile-based disinfectants to remove bacteria.

Cleaning commercial appliances and equipment

Cleaning is vital to keep equipment safe and functioning. Remember to wipe down all of your major appliances including toasters, microwaves and coffee makers.
We’ve created a quick guide to clean these commercial kitchen items.

  • Grills – Brush loose the ash and grime off your grates after use. Soak in warm soapy water to break down oils and grease. Clean out the drip trays in a similar fashion.
  • Fryers – Boil out your fryer twice a week.
  • Ovens and ranges – Brush loose any burnt food or ash. Wipe down the walls and the doors and soak the racks weekly.
  • Refrigeration units (outer) – Clean the condenser coils every few months by using a bristle brush and then vacuum to collect loose dust and grime. Frequently empty and clean the drains pans and tubs.

If you would like to know more about how to clean your kitchen, click here.

In this article, we have touched upon the essential aspects of keeping your resort clean and germ-free. When creating a cleaning checklist for your resort, keep in mind these helpful tips. Ensuring all guests enjoy their stay, and feel comfortable, knowing that only the highest level of care is maintained in your resort.

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